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The Wildlife

camp jabulani the wildlife
Camp Jabulani is based on Kapama, a Big 5 Private Game Reserve near the Kruger National Park


The lush vegetation and varied habitats of this balanced ecosystem means that it is able to support dense populations of wild animals, offering world class game viewing opportunities.


A true African Big five safari experience, visitors will enjoy herds of antelope, giraffe and zebra grazing and congregating at the many waterholes, their senses alert to the threat of a hunting predator in the area. Kapama has five separate prides of lions and we have frequent sightings of leopard, cheetah, spotted hyena as well as other smaller carnivores. Prepare to be humbled by the size and power of the elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros.


Bird-lovers will find their Mecca here, as more than 350 bird species have been recorded, including the endangered Ground hornbills,  Lappet-faced vultures and the rare African finfoot.


Kapama’s animals have learned not to feel threatened by our open sided vehicles, allowing for close-up photographic opportunities. We also strictly limit the number of guests on each Land Rover so that you have unobstructed views.


What makes Camp Jabulani a standalone destination is the fact that we offer you the best of both worlds… a top Big Five safari experience and a one of a kind Elephant experience.


The Jabulani Elephant Experience is the only of its kind, where guests get to interact closely and very personally with a semi-captive herd in a natural Big Five reserve.  Highlights of the experience include meeting the elephants close up and hearing their stories; watching playful splashing and spraying during the midday swim; tracking the herd on foot in their own territory, and participating in field research


Beyond being a life-changing experience, guests also contribute to the survival of the herd and ensure the sustainability and well-being of the elephants.

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