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Timisa arrived at Camp Jabulani on 19 November 2016 as a thin 10-month old, with a strong will to survive.

She was brought to Camp Jabulani by Michelle Henley from Elephants Alive after she had been found wandering about on her own – the calf was seen a few weeks earlier trying to suckle from her dying mother

She was introduced to the Jabulani herd the day after her arrival. During the introduction, Timisa went straight to Fishan, who simply took his trunk and brought her under his burly physique in a protective gesture. Lundi and Tokwe soon joined in, and so did the rest of the herd, forming a protective circle around the little elephant.

The orphaned elephant had been named Timisa, which means courageous in XiTsonga, one of South Africa’s local dialects.



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