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Newsletter – May 2016

Newsletter May 2016

1. Elephant Update
2. Stable Upgrade
3. Wildlife
4. From the Kitchen
5. Spa Upgrade
6. Conservation in practise
7. Specials & Promotions
8. Rescued Rhino Updates
9. Get social with us


Greetings from the Land of the Elephants!


A quarter of the way into 2016, and we are already well into Autumn. As the amber leaves fall from the trees, and we settle into a period of greater reflection, we take a look back on how 2016 has evolved thus far.


In this edition of our news, Adine Roode (Managing Director) shares accounts of her encounters with the Camp Jabulani elephants. It’s easy to understand why these are her favourite times of all!


In keeping up with our pledge to always ensure the well-being of our elephant herd, we gave their home an extensive upgrade. They are thriving, and we are thrilled.


For our conservationists-at-heart, we have designed a few ways to get involved and make a difference – whether the choice is to get ‘hands-on’, or rather to contribute remotely via a secure online donations platform. Read more about options below.


We’ve enjoyed some exceptional wildlife on the reserve, and share the best with you. The pictures we’ve managed to gather are exceptional!


Our foodies will appreciate chef Dylan Frost’s personal recipe for one of his (and our guests’) favourite dishes.


If you are contemplating visiting, we have great promotional packages from which to choose.


Happy reading!


The Camp Jabulani Team


1. Elephant Update

Former guests, Julia and Marc Schachner, fell in love with Sebakwe, our own ‘ele-brity’ who appears on the bottle of a popular local cream liqueur beverage, Amarula. They decided they had to take a piece of him home, but not in the way you might think…. Read more


It is a well-known fact that Camp Jabulani was named after the first elephant rescued by our sister property, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. While reminiscing about Jabu’s (as he’s affectionately known) arrival, we thought we’d share the 10 things many don’t know about this remarkable elephant and how he came to be here. Read more


Adine Roode recently spent time in the company of the Camp Jabulani herd (one of her favourite ways to pass time). She watched in rapt attention as the comedic Jabulani marked his territory by chasing away a herd of unsuspecting animals…. Read more


On another such occasion, Adine’s attention was drawn by Lundi who was incessantly scratching her feet. Read why


2. Stable Upgrade


The Camp Jabulani elephant herd has grown exponentially over the years. This is a wonderful achievement for us, and an endorsement to the animals’ wellbeing, as it is extremely difficult for elephants to breed in captivity. In our quest to always maintain the very highest of standards for our elephants, we made the decision to conduct an extensive upgrade to their stables. Read more


3. Wildlife

There wild is full of amazing creatures, yet many are not given the attention they deserve. This scaly creature with a mobile home is one such example. Read more


We love it when guests share their safari experiences with us. Former guest, Pieter Vorster, chose to tell his wildlife story at Camp Jabulani through photographs, and what a story it was! A picture really is worth a thousand words. Read more


There have been many legends and myths about the hyena. In a recent encounter, Adine Roode saw a different side to this often maligned animal. Read more


No one can dispute that leopards are one of the most alluring cats in the wild. Ranger Andre de Jager spent a very special drive, and captured these images for our enjoyment. Read more


Rangers Ruan Roos and Craig Sanders were pleasantly surprised when they came across a cheetah, which appeared after the very welcome showers of rain following a dry spell in the area. Read more


4. From the Kitchen

Gastronomy is an important aspect of the Camp Jabulani experience. Our chefs are motivated by conceptualising and creating uniquely flavoured and artistic meals, and take such pleasure in sharing them personally. Chef Dylan Frost was in a particularly generous mood, and shared his Pan Seared Tuna recipe with us. This is one for our friends in the north, whose sun is brighter and days lighter. Read more


5. Spa Upgrade


We’re pleased to advise that our Therapy Lapa has been refurbished. This is no ordinary spa facility. Situated some distance away from the suites, our guests are able to unwind in the most idyllic of settings…. Read more


6. Conservation in practise




Taking care of an elephant is no easy task! We’ve designed a very special experience which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, giving participants a highly personal and experiential view of a day in the life of an elephant caregiver. Read more


As one of our conservation initiatives, we partnered up with The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre to bring you the Pioneers for Change programme. Read more to find out what this unique conservation experience is all about.



7. Specials & Promotions


Pay 3 Stay 4 Special

  • Pay for three nights at Camp Jabulani and receive the forth night complimentary.
  • Constitutes a saving of between R7 200 & R10 450 per person!
  • Valid 10 January to 15 December each year.

Download special 


Kids in the bush – An African Adventure for the whole family

Book 3 nights at Morukuru Owners House or River House, 1 night at AtholPlace Hotel & Villa and 3 nights at Camp Jabulani Zindoga Villa AND RECEIVE A complimentary 4-course fine dining experience at AtholPlace PLUS a complimentary Swedish massage at the Bush Spa.

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8. Rhino Updates

A lot has been going on at the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC sanctuary. In January, a new female rhino cow was brought to the centre. She was a victim of poaching, and her horn had been savagely hacked off. She has since had numerous treatment procedures. She was later named Philippa.


HESC had planned to gradually introduce Philippa to the other two rehabilitated rhino cows, Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell. However the two female rhinos had plans of their own… Read more here.


Matimba is growing so fast! As the sole objective is always to ensure the safety of the rhinos at HESC, the time came for him to be dehorned.


The four orphaned rhino bulls that have known HESC as their home for a while now have formed a crash of their own. The boys love nothing more than a mud bath. Theirs was getting a little tight for all four to comfortably fit in, and the decision was made to give it an upgrade.


Gertjie, Matimba, Stompie and Balu are happy and thriving. Read more for the latest update on this ‘awesome foursome’.


Dezi, HESC’s accounts administrator, has taken it upon herself to ‘Run for Rhinos’ to raise funds for their Rescued Rhinos in the upcoming Comrades Marathon (set to take place on 29 May 2016).  Read more here


9. Get social with us

We’d love to stay in touch with you, and to share news, pictures and messages via our social media platforms.


We aim to post beautiful pictures via Instagram and Pinterest, and share more detailed news and stories via our Blog and Facebook. If you prefer the abridged version, follow us on Twitter.

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