Camp Jabulani - Kumbura the Elephant


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When Kumbura arrived at Camp Jabulani, she was a vulnerable and traumatised 18-month old calf.

The plight of this elephant was brought to the attention of the Camp Jabulani Team by Nature Conservation authorities, when she had been seen wandering alone through the bush in Botswana in July 2009. It is not known what happened to her mother or herd. When she arrived at the camp, she was in a highly emotionally disturbed state. Despite her fear and aggression, Lundi and baby Mambo soon calmed her. The two elephants were in the stable adjacent to hers, and both animals tenderly stroked the new arrival with their trunks.

Kumbura means “remembrance” – her arrival marked the 7-year passing of Johanne Roode – the man without whom neither Camp Jabulani, nor the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre would have existed today.



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