Foster An Elephant

The cost to take care of an elephant

It’s an expensive exercise taking care of an elephant. Food, veterinary care, housing and human resources all amount to approximately R30,000.00 per elephant per month. This cost is fixed, regardless of visitor numbers.

Why foster an elephant

Following the extraordinary interactions they have enjoyed, so many of our guests have expressed an interest in fostering one of the Camp Jabulani elephants. We have therefore made available various fostering options for the younger elephants of the herd. These elephants will never be utilised for elephant back safaris, although the expense for their care is still absorbed as part of the operation.

Elephants available for fostering
Fostering options

• Platinum Fostering Membership: Annual contribution of R 25 000

• Gold Fostering Membership: Annual fee of R 1 500 and monthly R 600 OR Monthly R 730

• Silver Fostering Membership: Annual R 1 750

What you get as a foster parent

With each fostering you will receive the following:

• A certificate acknowledging your sponsorship.

• Quarterly updates with news and images.

• The knowledge that you are contributing to a very special animal’s survival.

How to foster an elephant

Send your name, your preferred fostering option and the elephant you would like to support to:

Click here to download this information
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