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Elephant Back Safaris at Camp Jabulani
Elephant Back Safaris
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Nothing quite tops the first introduction to the Camp Jabulani elephants! Their sheer size and presence are humbling.

Iain bridges the gap between man and giant with an informative introduction and orientation into the personalities of the elephants – providing useful information that will no doubt both entertain and educate.

And so begins the elephant safari. Each participant is partnered with an elephant based on temperament. Guests mount their elephant via a specially constructed ramp. Saddles have been designed with comfort in mind - for both the elephants and riders. Made of high density foam (ensuring a light weight), they are built up laterally, and have both handles and stirrups.

Atop their mighty spines, guests soon become lulled by the step by step amble – the gentle “side to side” rocking motion. Moving in single file (with Jabulani in the lead), silence reigns. A silence with no words – but with beautiful harmonious communication of the bush and its inhabitants.

Share in the ultimate African experience. View tree tops, birds' nests, and giraffes almost face to face. Sail high above the bushveld and feel part of the environment, instead of being just a passive observer. On elephant back, one is truly an integral part of the experience.

Afternoon safaris are conducted just before the sun sets – the elephants ultimately converge on the romantic setting of lanterns, a white linen table adorned with a selection of beverages, crystal glasses, fresh flowers and delectable canapés specially prepared by the chef.

It is not hard to feel that “Life is good” as a sundowner sees the end of another day at Camp Jabulani, and allows for quiet reflection of the effect that a walk with elephants has instilled on even the most hardened soul.

Camp Jabulani offers the only night safari on elephant back in the world! Under the stars amidst the night sounds and dwellers, each guest is able to create their own experience as the sole proprietors of potent battery-powered spotlights. They may choose between swaying through the inky dark; finding millions of glittering eyes in the surrounding bush; or observing the planetarium-like splendour of the milky-way above.

Guests have the opportunity of “tucking” the elephants into their stables for the evening ahead, and of witnessing firsthand the mutual respect and genuine fondness between the elephants and their tenders.

One thing is certain – one cannot help but be changed forever after sharing an experience with the Camp Jabulani elephants.

Have a look at these lovely YOUTUBE clips for a first hand account of interacting with the elephants:



Elephant Back Safaris at Camp JabulaniElephant Back Safaris at Camp Jabulani | Tel: + 27 12 460 7348 / 460 5605 |

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